We have the ability to know and heal ourselves.

Slow down, tune in, go within.

Slow down

You are your own healer.

All it takes is learning how to sit in your body so it can speak to you.

We all have a particular vibrational quality. When there is a block, a discomfort or a misalignment in our system, we vibrate “out of tune”.

Our system knows how to re-align. It simply requires that we place our attention where it is needed. When we bring consciousness to these parts, healing can begin.

Sound instruments help our body to relax, open and re-attune. Their gentle, powerful vibrations allow our system to find harmony again.

Tune in

Where do I hurt? Why? Where is pleasure in me? Where is it tender and soft? There is so much to explore on the inside.

Go within

The most powerful place to find answers, direction and hope is within.

When you work with me we will gently explore the inner world to discover what needs attention.

You will be guided on how to listen to the quiet nudges from your intuition. With this skill, you can get in touch with your natural instincts that seek your best, happiest, healthiest state.

The healing sounds help move you to a state of deep relaxation and profound healing.

Together we can discover, feel and release old belief patterns.

We can uncover blocks, reveal deep insights and allow for the experience of peace, calm and clarity.

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Let’s begin.