Slow down, tune in, go within.

You might be here because you feel stuck. Or lost. Or overwhelmed.

Perhaps you’ve got all the things you were told you needed in order to be happy…but you’re just not.

Maybe you have a feeling that there must be more to life but you’re not sure where to start.

I’m here to offer practical tools, support and guidance as you journey towards a more fulfilling, aligned life.

Slow down

You are your own healer.

All it takes is learning how to sit in your body so it can speak to you.

Your inner voice will offer up guidance that will lead you to healing. Whether it be emotional, physical or spiritual pain, your body and its innate wisdom knows how to get you back to your authentic, powerful self.

I combine practical tools along with deeper modalities such as meditation, sound healing and energy work to help you hear what your body has been trying to tell you.

Together, we will re-align your system with a new, healthy energy patterning to help you shift and empower your life.

Tune in

Where do I hurt? Why? Where is pleasure in me? Where is it tender and soft? There is so much to explore on the inside.

Go within

The most powerful place to find answers, direction and hope is within.

When you work with me we will gently explore the inner world to discover what needs attention. We will uncover and release old patterning.

You will be guided on how to listen to the quiet nudges from your intuition. With this skill, you can get in touch with your natural instincts that seek your best, happiest, healthiest state.

I use deep intuition and Sound Healing instruments to help move you into a state of deep relaxation, realisation and profound healing.

“Healing is not about curing yourself from something that is ‘not you’ but understanding the patterns that might be causing you disharmony and therefore illness”.

Shamini Jain, PhD

Single session.

This is a good way to experience what I do.

We’ll discuss blocks you may be experiencing in your life and we’ll explore some tools to help you.

We’ll end the session with a soothing Sound Healing.

60-90 mins $120

Let’s go deeper

A four week programme to really move your life in the direction you desire.

We’ll begin by calming your nervous system because it’s hard to shift when you’re in overwhelm.

Then we’ll move into uncovering and shifting old patterns.

You’ll learn tools and techniques to help you get back into balance and in charge of your life.

Each session will be supported by a Sound Healing experience.

4 weeks of 60-90 mins $450

Together we can reveal deep insights and allow for the experience of peace, calm and clarity.

Make a booking for a healing session with me in the contact page.

Let’s begin.