Rediscover your power.

Rediscover your potential.

Rediscover your passion.

You might be here because you have a sense of ‘there must be more’.

You know you can’t keep going like this – the old tricks aren’t working anymore. 

Despite all the things you have learned and gathered and achieved, there’s a feeling of something missing.

Something is off, out of tune, disconnected.

You keep running the same patterns, the old habits keep showing up.

Or perhaps something has ended that gave you meaning and now you feel cut adrift, unsure of who you are anymore.

My program Being Whole will support and guide you towards a fulfilling, empowered, aligned life.

What does a Whole life look like?

You can action all the power that is in you. 

There is real strength and capability in you and you have access to it. Without apology. 

You trust yourself. You know that who you are matters.

You know how to hold yourself. Compassionately and respectfully.

You feel centred. Trusting, Peaceful. Spacious.

Being Whole looks like someone who owns their life.

You Are Your Own Healer

In this program you will learn how to witness the shadow.

Because the only way out of the woods is through.

We will…

– Uncover old mind patterns that are keeping you stuck and powerless.

– Learn how to sit in stillness with yourself, all of who you are, with love and compassion.

– Discover how to witness your emotions and realise they are emissaries, not the enemy.

– Integrate old stuck emotions so they stop running your life.

– Rediscover and live by new beliefs.

– Learn how to hold yourself steady and calm for whatever comes your way.

Together we will re-align your system to help you shift and empower your life.

Go Within

The most powerful place to find answers, direction and hope is within.

When you work with me we will explore the inner world to discover what needs attention. We will uncover and release old patterning.

You will be guided on how to listen to the quiet nudges from your intuition. With this skill, you can get in touch with your natural instincts that seek your best, happiest, healthiest state.

I use deep intuition and Sound Healing instruments to help move you into a state of deep relaxation, realisation and profound healing.

“Healing is not about curing yourself from something that is ‘not you’ but understanding the patterns that might be causing you disharmony and therefore illness”.

Shamini Jain, PhD

Being Whole

An eight week program to get you back to Being Who You Are.
  • Uncover outdated patterns.
  • Learn to sit wth yourself in love and compassion.
  • See your emotions as emissaries, not the enemy.
  • Integrate old and stuck emotions so they stop running your life.
  • Learn how to hold yourself steady and strong.
  • Each session will be supported by Sound Healing.

8 weeks of 60-90 mins $1,225

Together we can reveal deep insights and allow for the experience of peace, calm and clarity.

Feel aligned and powerful. Let’s begin.