All things are of God

All things are of God. 

the holy terror

the night

the dark deep empty void of nothingness

the lost 

the certainty that this time you are truly alone

the hateful lashing out

the last time

the first time

the nightmare

the 3am fear that grips you awake and keeps you there

That’s god.

And right there, in the middle, humming with power, is you. 

The glorious beating heart of you.

The god of you.

Your breath.

Your mind – yes even with its tortuous twisting fear.

Your skin.

The steadiness of your gaze 

keep it steady-  keep breathing in and out. 

Place one foot and then the other. 

This is the mastery of you.

This is all the power you need. 

Breath. Step. 

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  1. It may seem easier to ignore emotions, but healing requires us to face what we need to. So, let’s gain that strength with the power of words in this post today…

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