The Void

The Shadow, the Void, the Empty is a thing of holiness.

When we sit with this great nothingness we sit with one of the truths and puzzles of being human. 

We sit with the idea that it all has no meaning. That all of our striving is for nothing. 

What is my purpose? My meaning? What am I leaving behind? Who will remember me? What is the point?

Well, what if there is none? What if we sit with the thought that there is no purpose?

I think it could be freeing. 

So it doesn’t matter. None of it matters. It will not be remembered.

What if I sat with the void and gave it its worth, its voice.

What if what I do is not important to the world. Or to those close to me. 

What if it is only important to me.

What if I sit in my own forest, my own sense of self, and be. Move and breathe and feel from there. To sit there. To sit right there.

What if I free myself from worrying about my impact on the world and feel only my impact on me.

And then the thought comes that I am of the world.

And given I am of the world, then what I do has an impact on the world. Whatever I do. 

So in fact, everything I do has purpose. Everything. 

So it would be wise to pay attention to whether I like what I’m doing. To pay attention to how it makes me feel.

In fact, the only measure of worth or value is how what I’m doing makes me feel. 

Then, surely, if it feels nourishing, compassionate, pleasurable, joyful to me then I’m impacting the world with those feelings. Because I am of the world. 

Ah, the void. Full of nothing. Full of everything.

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    His Dear Jo,

    Thankyou for your lovely email, I appreciate your kind words.

    This your most recent written piece is my favourite so far. I love it. Thankyou.

    I hope you consider sending it for publication. Maybe even to a Buddhist publication like The Lions Roar.

    Above are photos I took in Japan at one of my favourite shrines/Artworks. Your photo reminded me of there. Spot Tri.

    I hope you and your family are well.

    Love Myra


  2. Beautiful !!!!

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