This is who we are

I was listening to Ennio Morricone’s soundtrack to The Mission “On Earth As It Is In Heaven”.

And it always make me cry, that track. The things humans can create. The hymn at the start and then the strident vocals coming in over top. And the oboe. Lordy help me. 

And I started thinking about the amazing things humans have created in the name of God. The temples and churches. The cathedrals to the sky, the pyramids and shrines. 

When all along the greatest, most astonishing thing of all is us. 

Look at what we can make. The things we create, how we love, the stories we can tell. It floors me. 

What the body can do – now there’s a temple to honour. 

We should be walking around in astonishment at all these incredible human creatures we share the earth with. 

I know people whose stories of survival make me want to bow in reverence. 

There they are, just trying to find what they love, doing what they can to live a decent life, fumbling along. But their story, the things they have experienced – no, endured is….well I can’t believe they get out of bed in the morning. 

But they do. We all do. We get out of bed, live our lives and walk around carrying the most extraordinary power without even realising it. 

That’s who we are. Makers and Doers and Holy Wonders. Gods. 

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