I have been exploring the inner world most of my life. 

I spent my childhood learning piano and violin. It gave me the skills of being still within while sounds surrounded me. But something about the perfectionism of classical training never sat well with me. It felt like an impossible task and gave me a constant sense of ‘not good enough’.

I found more freedom on stage. I was more able to express myself and learnt that flops could actually be something to be celebrated. Developing characters to perform on stage gave me the skills to explore motivations behind why people behaved the way they do. I found this to be the most enjoyable part of being a performer – the ‘why’ that motivated the action. 

I began exploring this question of what drives us in greater depth. I voraciously read about social behaviours and the inner workings of humans (I still do). 

I found Sound Healing to be an enormously beneficial tool to explore these inner depths. Not only does it tap into our unconscious beliefs but it also allows an experience of healing old patterns. 

I have also researched and utilised tools that bring integration to long-forgotten parts of ourselves. These tools, along with Sound Healing have provided me with a greater sense of connection, peace and well being. 

I am a qualified Sound Healing Practitioner. I love connecting clients to their inner worlds and to help them explore paths towards re-alignment and healing.

A strong intuitive, I bring great empathy and discerning listening to every session. I expertly and lovingly hold space for insights to arise.

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