Can we, for just a moment, consider the possibility that there’s a different way to look at life?

What if success looked like someone who was able to know their wounds deeply. Someone who didn’t need someone else to tell them they were loved because they knew that already.

Someone who knows that it’s not what we do, it’s how we move in the world, the energy we’re putting out in the world. 

Someone who knows that love – in the true sense of that word – is the only energy to foster and move though the world with.

Someone who sees pain in others as pain in themselves and knows that to heal themselves is the way to heal others.

Someone who knows they are whole, loved, complete, allowed, valuable, viable, wanted and powerful just because they are breathing. 

Someone who can sense the whispers of their heart’s desire, their soul’s longing and can follow that whisper wherever it takes them.

Someone who knows the different subtle tones of their ego and is able to soothe their own internal fears regardless of what the world is showing them.

Someone who knows the world and our lives are far far greater than we can understand.

Someone who can look fear in the eye and name it. Not as rage or hatred or ignorance or destruction or any of the pains. Can name it as grief and wound. And grant it the compassion our griefs and wounds deserve.

Someone who knows that the ways to change a moment or a person is not to change the other but to centre, hold and know themselves.

What if that was success?

You are your own healer

Healing is about reconnecting with the deepest core of who we are – beyond our fears, worries, excitement, to do lists, medical problems, and roles we play in the world.

Healing Our SelvesShamini Jain

Your intuition, your inner voice, your gut feeling. Call it what you will. It’s just energy. We live in a constant stream of transference of energy.

It’s not spiritual necessarily, especially if that word isn’t to your liking. It’s energy. Like someone who walks in the room and brims with confidence. Or has a dark cloud over them. Or a happy vibe. And you get to control your energy.

Energy likes the easiest, straightest path. Those hints from your body are your intelligent system’s way of directing you to the simplest, easiest path.

But first you need to get in touch with it. And a Sound Healing session can help you do that.