24th September 4pm.

It’s one of my favourite things to do. Two sound healers and Yin Yoga. Bliss.

I’m joined with the beautiful Lisa Singline singlinemusic to accompany Anna Rimmer from yogafarm.com.au to bring you calm, restoration and peace.

Join us at the very beautiful Bancoora-in on the 24th Sept. Bookings at yogafarm.com.au

2nd Sept. 1pm

Being You. Move, Connect and Breath. September 2nd.

A half day workshop. Discover your authentic self. Your true power.

What are we looking for? 

Connection – to others, to ourselves

An authentic life, an authentic expression of ourselves



A sense of purpose, a life of passion. 



Perhaps you feel stuck on autopilot. Perhaps you have a sense that there’s more to life. You know that you want change but you’re not sure where to start.

Here’s the thing;

How you get everything you want lives right there inside you. You hold the keys to your life. All you need are some tools to access your own wisdom.

Being You is a workshop that allows you to discover and experience how to access all the knowledge and power that you already have. 

Join Anna Rimmer for restorative yoga, Breath-work facilitator Jacquelyn McCarthy, Creative Being facilitator James Pratt and Sound Healer Josephine Lange for this powerful exploration.

This is a day of dynamic play, deep listening, and open heartedness.

You will learn tools to expand and enrich your life in a highly supported environment with skilled facilitators, And have a ton of fun while you’re at it (otherwise what’s the point?).

We will guide you towards understanding how your old patterning is keeping you in habits that no longer serve you. 

You will discover how to recognise these patterns and find ways to move through and beyond them.

We will explore mindfulness practices, yoga poses, breath work, visualisations, sound healing and a healthy dose of joyful play. This workshop will help you hear the voice in you that wants your best life, that knows how you can step into your authentic self.

You will discover how to get connected with your self. Your true self. The self you want to be.

The foundation of the workshop is learning how to be safe with all of our human-ness, the uncomfortable feelings as well as the joy. And in learning to be with all parts of ourselves we gain access to the greatest power we have – our authentic self, our sovereign self. Past the fear, past the unconscious beliefs, past old patterns. 

You will sit in stillness, move through discomfort to empowerment. You will learn how to be your own best ally. You’ll find deep calm. And laughter. You’ll definitely laugh.

You. You’re the one you’ve been looking for. Because if you’re not present for your own life, who’s life are you living?

September 2nd from 1-5.30pm. Bancoora-In.

Early bird until August 11 $97. Regular $147.

Bookings at https://yogafarm.com.au/book-now/

Just loving working with these women. Anna Rimmer from YogaFarm and Lisa Singline and I have joined forces to create beautiful Healing Yin Yoga evenings at the stunning Bancoora-In.

We’re offering this every month.

Two sound healers and Yin Yoga. Bring on the bliss.

Book at http://yogafarm.com.au


Yin and Sound bath at YogaFarm3217 with Anna Rimmer

4th Sunday of the month 4-6pm

Click the link to book


Spring Resonance Afternoon Retreat with Kate McAnergney

Geelong Myotherapy and Wellness Centre.

6-8 Tanner St, Geelong

6th Nov, 1.30 – 5pm

Click the link to book