You are your own Healer

“Healing is about reconnecting with the deepest core of who we are—beyond our fears, worries, excitement, to-do lists, medical problems, and roles we play in the world.”

Healing Ourselves.

Your intuition, your inner voice, your gut – call it what you will – is just energy. And our whole world is energy. We live in a constant stream of transference of energy.

Energy likes the easiest, straightest path. Those hints from your body are your intelligent body’s way of directing you to the simplest, easiest path. 

It’s not spiritual, necessarily, especially if that word isn’t to your liking. It’s energy. Like someone who walks in the room and brims with confidence. Or has a dark cloud over them. Or a happy vibe. It’s all energy. You get to control your energy.

But first, you need to get in touch with it. And sound can help you do that.